About Us

The Lennard Clinic was founded in June 1984 as a nonprofit addiction counseling treatment provider in the city of Newark, New Jersey.

Since its inception, TLC has expanded its addiction counseling treatment programs in Essex and Union counties.


With over 30 years experience, TLC has provided opportunities for thousands of patients to reduce criminal activities, decrease substance use, gain employment, attend school, training and other productive endeavors.


TLC is a New Jersey licensed facility and is fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities for Opioid Treatment Programs.


The Lennard Clinic is committed to providing compassionate and ethical addiction treatment to all in need. TLC’s highly qualified, dedicated staff include counselors, case managers, psychologists, ABAM certified medical staff, clinic physicians, infectious disease specialists, RN/LPN nurses, APNs, psychiatrists and a supporting team of administrative and management staff. Together, these professionals meet the varied, individual needs of each patient.

The Lennard Clinic accepts Medicaid, Work First/SAI, and NJ Managed Care Plans. There are also State funded options available for NJ residents. The Lennard Clinic has sliding-scale and payment plan options to help families and individuals make paying for treatment easier. 


The Lennard Clinic’s MISSION is to assist substance abusers in Essex and Union counties reduce substance use, address mental health disorders, decrease criminal activities, enhance health conditions and improve socioeconomic positions. The Lennard Clinic’s VISION is to become an organization supported by a culture that demonstrates a total commitment to improving behavioral health outcomes of our patients to the benefit of all our stakeholders.

The pursuit of this vision is guided by DIRECT values.  They are as follows:







The Lennard Clinic’s Philosophy is based on the belief that drug dependency is a disorder that links numerous psychological, socialogical, biological and economic factors.  Because of this conviction, TLC believes that for treatment to be effective it must be client-centered, comprehensive and address every identified condition.  TLC’s philosphy also recognizes the notion that drug  dependency is a chronic relapsing disorder that may require multiple episodes of treatment.  Consequently, TLC’s philosophy fosters a concept of continuum of care.  Using this approach, TLC strives to provide services in a one-stop shopping environment.  When TLC cannot provide on-site services, TLC  engages in cooperative agreements with a wide range of community agencies and institutions.  Overall, TLC’s philosophy drives the agency to focus on the total individual.





Torra Waynick, MSW – President

James Landgraf, Esq. – Secretary

Arthur Henry, BA – Treasurer

William Merritt, MSW – Trustee

Tyson Moon, MA – Trustee

Dolores Phelps, BA– Trustee

Richard Williams, BA – Trustee




Tanya Laughinghouse, MA, LCADC

Chief Executive Officer


Maiysha Ware, MBA

Chief Operating Officer


Yolanda Dagnino, MD, ASAM Certified                                Corporate Medical Director


Sunil Anand, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Ajibola Alli, MA, LCADC, CCS

Corporate Clinical Director


Mamie Alston, RN, BSHS

Director of Nursing


Samuel Roberson, MPA                                                            Director of Human Resources


Eddy Jennings, MSW                                                                Clinic Manager – TLC III


Carmen Moncrieffe, BS

Clinic Manager – TLC II


Phyllis Bass

Executive Assistant to the CEO


Dijuan Benton

Director of Safety & Security